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molding Antique brass

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vendor code: molding Antique brass
Available sizes: ø9,5 mm
Strip length: 1 meter
Manufacturer: Germany

Make upholstered furniture and looking for new original solutions in its decoration? Would you like to tidy up your old sofa or armchair with a spectacular decor?

The nail tape offered by PIM accessories will help to achieve both of these goals. We offer a wide variety of these products, featuring colors and hats.

One of the most interesting and popular colors is antique brass. This tone with a characteristic yellow hue makes furniture moldings extremely similar to bronze. It is successfully used in interiors designed in almost any design direction - classic and modern, loft and vintage, art deco and antique style. In addition, the tone is combined with dark and light colors, which will allow it to be used in the most original combinations.
Available sizes: 9.5 мм 

Band Length: 1 метр

The size

The package contains

Bands (meters)

Separate carnations pcs.

100 1/3 (Hat ø 9,5 mm)



130 1/3 (Hat ø 11,3 mm)



160 1/3 (Hat ø 16,0 mm)



180 1/3 (Hat ø 18,0 mm)



200 1/3 (Hat ø 20,0 mm)



Features of Nail Tape
In itself, the molding for upholstered furniture in appearance resembles a jewelry chain with large beads. The role of the latter are false hats that imitate ordinary furniture cloves. But mounting the tape is much simpler:
• first you need to attach the tape to the surface of the product;
• if necessary, you can easily cut off excess areas;
• in the holes located at a certain distance from each other, we insert and hammer decorative furniture nails, which are included with the tape;
• Enjoy a completely new look for an armchair, sofa or chair.
With the help of furniture decorative moldings, you can beautifully decorate joints and seams, “hide” any defects of an old sofa or create a spectacular ornament on the back. In this case, you will be spared the need to mark the location of the studs or use a special tool. False hats will be at the same distance from each other, which will significantly improve the decor.
In the same way, you can act if unaesthetic scratches and other damage to the material appear on the fabric or leather upholstery. Just place the furniture nail tape in such a way that the flaws are hidden from view and attach it with all the same studs.
The range of PIM accessories includes various molding options for decorative furniture upholstery.
You can not decide on the choice of nail tape for furniture? Then we suggest using the help of our specialists. They will talk about the advantages of molding, give answers to any questions, and also help you fill out an application for your favorite product.


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