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Nail head trims Darkcrom

Гвоздевая лента Сталь / Темный хром
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vendor code: molding Darkcrom
Available sizes: ø9,5 mm, 16 mm
Strip length: 1 meter
Manufacturer: Germany

Decorative furniture nails are often used for decorating upholstered furniture, as well as for decorating entrance or interior doors. They make it possible to create spectacular ornaments, combining into a single chain and hide under themselves various shortcomings of materials. But working with them is quite complicated and requires special knowledge and skills.

In addition, the color of copper goes well with contrasting tones such as graphite, olive, black, blue or brown. Molding for furniture, shimmering in different tones, emphasize the natural beauty of these colors, while not remaining unnoticed.
Available sizes: 9.5 мм 

Band Length: 1 метр

The size

The package contains

Bands (meters)

Separate carnations pcs.

100 1/3 (Hat ø 9,5 mm)



130 1/3 (Hat ø 11,3 mm)



160 1/3 (Hat ø 16,0 mm)



180 1/3 (Hat ø 18,0 mm)



200 1/3 (Hat ø 20,0 mm)



Features of the use of nail tapes
As mentioned above, nail tape for upholstered furniture is a reasonable replacement for a large number of decorative cloves. It is quickly fixed on any surface. However, the latter does not have to be even. The molding can be bent in any direction, which makes it possible to finish various curves on the armrests and other details of armchairs and sofas without any problems.
There are several types of use of nail tape for furniture:
• decoration, which is carried out during the production of products. It involves finishing joints and seams with original hats of copper tones, as well as creating patterns and ornaments on the headboards and other items;
• masking defects. Uneven seams, tears of upholstery and other flaws do not look very attractive, so they can be hidden behind a molding for upholstered furniture;
• restoration, hauling products. If you want to completely change the appearance of an old armchair or sofa, for this purpose you can use not only new fabric or leather, but also decorative nails.
Note that the products sold by our company are excellent not only for upholstered furniture. With its help, it is quite possible to decorate a wooden entrance or interior door, any parts of cabinets, chests of drawers, bedside tables made of the same wood or wood-particle boards.
Want to buy a nail tape in Kiev or order its delivery to any other city in Ukraine? No problem! Make a request on our website. Immediately after processing it, we will contact you to clarify the details, after which we will send the products to the specified address.


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