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molding Copper renaissance

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vendor code: molding Copper renaissance
Available sizes: ø9,5 mm
Strip length: 1 meter
Manufacturer: Germany

Nail tape Copper Renaissance, which you can buy at our company PIM accessories, will help to add antique notes to the interior and create an unusual atmosphere. We are ready to offer this accessory not only to manufacturing enterprises engaged in the manufacture of upholstered and cabinet furniture, but also to individuals. The first with the help of our products will be able to create spectacular objects for interiors in a classic, vintage or modernist style, and the second - to restore old armchairs, sofas, wooden cabinets and chests of drawers that have lost their former gloss.

Features and Benefits
Even those who are not particularly versed in furniture production know about products such as decorative nails. They differ from ordinary ones in their original hats, which can have different shapes, colors and sizes.
Available sizes: 9.5 мм 

Band Length: 1 метр

The size

The package contains

Bands (meters)

Separate carnations pcs.

100 1/3 (Hat ø 9,5 mm)



130 1/3 (Hat ø 11,3 mm)



160 1/3 (Hat ø 16,0 mm)



180 1/3 (Hat ø 18,0 mm)



200 1/3 (Hat ø 20,0 mm)



With the help of decorative furniture nails, you can create original patterns and ornaments on the backs of beds and chairs, armrests of sofas and armchairs. However, certain skills are required to work with these products.
Molding for upholstered furniture does not require any skills from you. It consists of decorative hats joined together, which, after installation, are no different from carnations. In favor of using just such products, several weighty arguments can be given:
• convenience in work. Molding, which has a length of one meter, to attach to any surface is much easier than a bunch of miniature studs;
• at any time you can cut off the necessary part from the furniture nail tape. Such a need arises quite often.
• made of ductile metal, the product bends easily. Therefore, you will not have problems with the decoration of corners, curves, intricate ornaments;
• quick fixation on the surface. It is carried out using decorative nails for furniture, which come complete with a ribbon.
In addition, the use of furniture molding significantly saves your time. And eliminates the need to individually drive each of several tens of cloves. This is especially true for furniture factories that produce a large number of products and simply can not afford serious time costs.
Attractive terms of cooperation
Our company PIM accessories provides the opportunity to buy a nail tape in different colors and sizes. In addition to the copper renaissance color considered here, you will find other shades here: nickel, silver, brass, old gold, tin and other metals. This will allow you to choose exactly the option that will be in harmony with the color of the upholstery or wooden furniture and fit perfectly into the interior design.


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