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molding Launi

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vendor code: molding Launi
Available sizes: ø9,5 mm
Strip length: 1 meter
Manufacturer: Germany

Nail tape has long been successfully used for decoration of upholstered furniture. It allows you to increase the attractiveness of sofas, armchairs, other interior items, as well as adapt them to a specific design solution. For example, a furniture brass in Brass / Gold color fits perfectly into a classic or modernist interior.

Benefits of Nail Tape
On the market, you can easily find decorative furniture nails that are used for the same purpose as the tape mentioned above. However, their use is associated with some difficulties - you will have to provide markings for their placement, use a special tool that gently drives carnations into the furniture surface without damaging the hats. It is also necessary to ensure high accuracy, which will require certain knowledge and skills.
Available sizes: 9.5 мм 

Band Length: 1 метр

The size

The package contains

Bands (meters)

Separate carnations pcs.

100 1/3 (Hat ø 9,5 mm)



130 1/3 (Hat ø 11,3 mm)



160 1/3 (Hat ø 16,0 mm)



180 1/3 (Hat ø 18,0 mm)



200 1/3 (Hat ø 20,0 mm)



Furniture molding in the form of tapes greatly simplifies the task, having the following advantages:
• real time savings. The nail tape for upholstered furniture has a length of 1 meter, which allows you to almost instantly create a beautiful edging along the contour of a sofa or chair;
• the ability to easily cut the tape into pieces of different lengths, due to which the dimensions of the furniture do not have much significance;
• the absence of any restrictions for the imagination of the designer. The tape is plastic, it easily bends, which makes it possible to perform decorative upholstery of furniture of any configuration;
• strong fixation. Decorative furniture nails are included with the tape, through which the tape is fixed on the surface of chairs and sofas. Especially for them, holes are provided along the entire length of the tape at the same distance from each other.
Another indisputable advantage is the variety of colors and shapes of hats, allowing you to choose the molding to match the tone of the leather or fabric upholstery of the interior and the style in which it is performed.
The use of furniture nail tape
The molding is successfully used by furniture factories for the decor of sofas, armchairs and other products. Using it you can:
• focus on the border of different materials that are joined together;
• make a beautiful transition from one material to another;
• securely fasten the upholstery and at the same time create a beautiful ornament on the back of a sofa or chair;
• emphasize the merits of designer furniture, effectively decorate it, choosing the appropriate decorative nails;
• hide seams.
Molding is also used in the process of restoring armchairs, sofas, and soft chairs. It makes it possible to hide existing defects and flaws, and sometimes completely change their appearance with the help of original patterns and ornaments.
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