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molding Pewter

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vendor code: molding Pewter
Available sizes: ø9,5 mm
Strip length: 1 meter
Manufacturer: Germany

Gray color goes well with any other tones. Depending on the combination you choose, it can be either a beautiful background or a dull, but conspicuous accent.

In addition, it has many shades that must be selected taking into account the characteristics of the overall color scheme in the room. Even if you are looking for any small details of the interior.

An excellent choice for decorating furniture, for example, is a tin-colored nail tape. A gray tone and beautiful bronze shades are intricately intertwined in it, so the fringing of a sofa or an armchair or a pattern on the headboard will instantly attract attention.
Available sizes: 9.5 мм 

Band Length: 1 метр

The size

The package contains

Bands (meters)

Separate carnations pcs.

100 1/3 (Hat ø 9,5 mm)



130 1/3 (Hat ø 11,3 mm)



160 1/3 (Hat ø 16,0 mm)



180 1/3 (Hat ø 18,0 mm)



200 1/3 (Hat ø 20,0 mm)



Spectacular but not very bright decor
In order to decorate soft furniture, it is not necessary to use bright details. The tin-colored furniture molding, which can be purchased from us, has a number of advantages over other colors:
• it is clearly distinguishable both on a light and on a dark background;
• the choice in favor of decorative tin-colored nail ribbons makes it possible to somewhat diversify the interior, decorated in dark colors, to make it less dull.
The advantages of nail tapes presented in our catalog are associated not only with their color. In addition, these products have a number of additional advantages:
• use in the manufacture of high-quality materials, thanks to which the "caps" retain their original appearance throughout the entire life cycle;
• plasticity, due to which patterns of any configuration can be created from decorative molding. It is also ideal for beautifully finished corners;
• convenience and ease of installation. You do not need to hammer a few dozen furniture nails - it is enough to securely attach a tape that will imitate them quite realistically;
• the molding is easy to cut, which allows you to quickly prepare pieces of the desired length.
Products can be used not only for decorative upholstery of furniture, but also for its restoration. For example, if any defects associated with a wide variety of influences are found on a leather or fabric surface, you just need to buy a nail tape and hide a flaw under it.
Decorative nails are supplied with the molding, which are used to fasten the tape. They have the same color and shape, so after installation is complete, you can hardly distinguish real cloves from false hats.
You can buy furniture decorative molding in our company PIM accessories at very attractive prices. At the same time, we still give discounts to regular and wholesale customers, so that the cost of acquiring accessories is significantly reduced. Delivery in Kiev and throughout Ukraine is carried out by "New Mail". It is also possible to transport products to other countries, which is negotiated on an individual basis.


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