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IS450 Series - backrest transformation mechanism KOYO

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vendor code: IS450 Series
Durability: 450 N·m /piece
Repetition cycles more than: 10,000
Movable Range with Gear Steps: 30˚ (5 steps) 42˚ (7 steps) 48˚ (8 steps) 54˚ (9 steps) 72˚ (12 steps) 84˚ (14 steps) 90˚ (15 steps)
Using: Backrest or large armrest
Minimum step:
Minimum order: 10 sets
Manufacturer: Japan
  • IS450 gear has not only slim shape like IS250 but also has the highest durability 450N・m among our products.
  • Available as “spring type” and “non-spring type”