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Knipper - buttons for children

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The buttons Stocko-YKK for children's knitwear "KNIPPER" DUA 15 (also called BABY) - consist of four parts.

The two parts of the button are mounted on one side of the product, and the other two are mounted on the other side and they are connected in the usual O-shaped manner. The buttons are made of stainless steel and do not contain nickel. This is the only possible option that certification for children's and nursery clothes passes.
The KNIPPER buttons are used in the production of: children's clothing, clothing for newborns, in the production of medical and corporate clothing, in knitwear, in denim clothing.
To install these buttons, we offer special matrices and machine tools that you can purchase from us.

Instructions for joining:
Without prior piercing the fabric. Connection manually, semi-automatically and automatically.
Zinc or lacquered finish. Fashionable design hats. Customer logo application.
Attachment without tissue damage. The fabric remains smooth.








Ecological properties

Stocko-YKK is the only company in the world that produces knipper buttons for nickel-free children's knitwear.

Than nickel is harmful to health can be read using Google search engine. In Ukraine, so far, unfortunately, there is no law prohibiting the use of nickel in clothing.

But if you want to sell your product with a clear conscience in the domestic market and wholesale abroad, we recommend that you use accessories without harmful components.


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