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PIM branding

Success comes to those
who believes in their exclusivity
Shah Darmesh
Our company PIM accessories has been branding for over 25 years.
We were the first in Ukraine to enable our manufacturers to get acquainted with and use advanced technologies in the production of jacquard labels from the German company Rinke Etiketten. One of our first clients was Mikhail Voronin - the owner of the factory of men's suits.
In a broad sense, branding is a way of showing individuality, a desire to place emphasis in the field of specific activity. The basis is the idea, which is the driving force for the promotion of manufactured goods. A chance to declare yourself and your products.
A well-chosen branding concept makes a manufacturer's product exceptional, perpetuating it over time.
The brands and feelings we associate with them directly influence our purchasing decisions. Therefore, it is important to present the logo flawlessly: from the moment of creation to full implementation in its finished form.
We will give your label everything you need for recognition that meets the expectations of people about this product and convey the importance of your corporate style. This is the only thing that can guarantee the value of recognition and increase customer love.
We will make for you the development of branding that meets your wishes and requirements. Our professional designers will help you to develop the brand name and prepare the layout for production.
In our assortment: jacquard, woven labels, cardboard labels, care tags, fillings, buttons, leather labels, covers, plastic labels, metal stickers, packaging, tissue paper (wrapping / silence). Everything we create, we create for you!