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Clover Chacopen Pink with Eraser (Air Erasable)

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Multifunction marking, drawing marker Magic liner pink. They are easy to apply markings to light fabrics, and it is easy to clean lines - simply ironing the steam or flushing with water.
Marker Chacopen with an erasing end, pink (disappears in the air)
The markup disappears after a certain time (2-10 days).
From the second end there is an erasing handle, for fast erasure of undesirable marks.
Used for sewing, embroidery, painting on silk, patchwork and many other works.

It is a two-sided marker, which one side writes, and the second one erases. You can distinguish this marker from the inscription "eraser pen". The essence of the application, I think, is understandable. The only point to which you need to pay attention - if the marker additionally has the inscription "air erasable", this means that eventually the marker will disappear from the fabric itself, which means it is not worth it to mark out the big embroidery completely. The layout may disappear before you finish. It is permissible to use it on a light or colored canvas.

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